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FLAT // XS Clothing Bundle
FLAT // XS Clothing Bundle

FLAT Clothing

FLAT // XS Clothing Bundle

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Get ready for a surprise with FLAT // XS Clothing Bundle! This quirky bundle includes 2 awesome clothing items, along with stickers and promo items. With a 75% discount, you'll definitely get more than what you paid for. Only available in UNISEX XS

  • Guaranteed 1 Original Bunnyhug OR Sunset Bunnyhug and 1 Unisex Tee
  • Colours will vary
  • Tee design will vary


Bunnyhugs fit long and taper at the hips.
Refer to the size chart below.

Size in inches

XS 27 19
S 28 20
M 29 22
L 30 24
XL 31 26
2XL 32 27
3XL 33 28